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Service Your Car Battery at Our Subaru Dealership

Your car battery usually does its job so flawlessly that you may find yourself not thinking about it for months or even years at a time, until suddenly one day, your car just won't start. If you've ever been late for work on a cold morning, waiting for a friend to give you a jump-start, you know just how vital a functioning battery can be.

Harsh weather plays a large part in reducing your battery's life, but your driving style can also be a factor. It takes at least 20 minutes of driving to fully charge your battery. Making a lot of short trips that don't give the alternator time to recharge will shorten your battery's lifespan regardless of the weather.

Winter is the time most drivers associate with battery failure, and it's true that plummeting temperatures are probably the single greatest test of a battery's strength. Cold temperatures slow down the rate of chemical reactions, and that includes those occurring inside your battery. It takes more power for your engine just to turn over; weak batteries may lack the ability to meet that demand in cold weather.

Summertime can also be hard on your battery. High heat can intensify the corrosion that forms on battery terminals and evaporates the liquid in the battery itself. Heat can also speed up the rate at which your battery runs through the power from its charge. While some batteries are sealed, others may have a window that allows you to check the level of electrolyte fluid in your battery. When it's low, you can top it up with distilled water. Keep the posts on your battery free from any corrosion or dirt, since debris can actually serve as a conductor, draining your battery further.

Signs that your battery is weakening include your engine having difficulty turning over, dim interior lights or headlights and an illuminated check engine light. You can schedule an appointment at Crews Subaru of Charleston near Hanahan any time to have our qualified mechanics test or replace your battery. Check with us often for discounts on routine maintenance work for even more savings when you have your car serviced.