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Your Subaru Is Important to Us

We at Crews Subaru of Charleston, located nearby to North Charleston and Mount Pleasant, are eager to help you maintain your Subaru. Your vehicle is often times your lifeline, and making sure you receive routine maintenance can keep it running smoother for much longer. You wouldn't skip on going to the doctors when you're feeling ill, so why would you skip on a regular check up for your Subaru vehicle. Check out some of the important things to consider and see what we offer below.

Oil Changes

One of the best ways you can keep your vehicle healthy and happy is to receive routine oil changes. The oil is the life blood of your vehicle and is a complete necessity to keep it in great shape. Cars and SUVs have a great deal of moving parts to take care of. The oil essentially lubricates the engine and keeps the vehicle from overheating and falling apart. With out routine oil changes, you can total your Subaru vehicle. Luckily, we perform oil changes right here in our dealership. On top of that they are a quick easy process, and we can get you on your way in just a few minutes.

Tire Rotations

Driving in general can take a toll on your vehicle. Getting a tire rotation is a great way to ensure that you get the most life out of your tires. The tread wear when you drive, and a tire rotation will ensure that it wears evenly. We offer tire rotations in our service center, and they take just minutes.

More Services

With us, you'll always receive the best services. In addition to oil changes and tire rotations we offer a myriad of other services for you to choose from. We are eager to offer brake repair, car batteries and state inspections for your vehicles. Without a state inspection, your vehicle can't be on the road. We make it easy by allowing appointments for all of these services. Making an appointment is easy and will save you time in the long run. With your vehicle inspected, you can get out and get back to what it is you love to do.

Booking an Appointment

The easiest part about getting whatever service you need is booking an appointment with us. It is unbelievably easy to book wit us online, by pulling up our convenient form. You can start off by filling out the form so we can begin working on the problem before you even come in. This allows us to make your visit quick, easy and convenient. If the order form isn't for you, than you can always give us a call and we can set up an appointment over the phone.


Finally, we get that your Subaru may also be your hobby, that's why we offer a convenient parts ordering form. This great form allows you select parts and order them right to the dealership. Once they arrive you can get to working on your vehicle right away.

We at Crews Subaru of Charleston, down the street from West Ashley and Summerville, are very eager to highlight all that our service department can do. We hold generous hours to ensure that you can fit us into your busy lifestyle. With helpful and intelligent workers, you'll be back on the road in no time. E welcome you to come into the dealership and work with us to fix your problem or to ask any questions you might have. Our finance center is always available to talk you through the financial logistics of any decision you make. We can't wait to get you back on the road.