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Why Your Subaru Vehicle Needs Regular Oil Changes

At Crews Subaru of Charleston, we want you to know the importance of regular maintenance services. Regular oil changes are a necessity for drivers in Charleston and beyond. You cannot avoid pollutants when you are driving in the Mount Pleasant area. Microscopic debris particles can accumulate in the engine. These contaminants can damage the vehicle's internal parts if the oil is not changed on a regular basis.

The repairs can be expensive, and the vehicle may need additional maintenance services. The check engine light will not turn on when the vehicle needs an oil change service. If the vehicle needs more than an oil change service, the light will illuminate until the problem is fixed. An oil change service will keep the engine lubricated with clean oil.

When Should You Change Your Oil?

The motor oil in your Subaru should be changed according to the manufacturer's guidelines. Your owner's manual should have two recommendations for oil changes. If you drive every day, the oil change service should be based on the mileage interval recommendation. You can use the time interval recommendation if you do not drive every day. Most newer vehicles use oils that can work properly in all weather conditions.

You might find that your owner's manual suggests light oil. Light oils are suitable for a range of temperatures. Motor oil can be synthetic or petroleum. Synthetic oils have a higher viscosity. Synthetic oils are thinner than petroleum, and they can reduce wear and tear. You can use a different brand of oil, but you should always use the same type of oil.

Clean motor oil can improve your vehicle's performance. Dirty oil lowers horsepower, and the engine has to work harder when the oil loses its viscosity. The extra heat will put more wear and tear on the vehicle. The gas mileage will improve when the oil is clean, and the vehicle will have cleaner emissions.

If you'd like to learn more about oil changes or get one for your Subaru vehicle, be sure to visit our service center. We look forward to seeing you soon!