No matter what kind of Subaru you drive, we can guarantee one thing: there's oil in your engine. That's because oil is necessary for your engine's well-being. It lubricates all the moving parts, and it helps keep everything running the way it should. A running engine has many different parts working together. While those parts normally generate friction and heat, motor oil reduces the friction generated, and it carries away the heat. This prevents your engine from overheating and from breaking down... but you need to regularly change your oil.

How often should you change your oil? Generally speaking, you want to change your oil either every six months, or every 7,500 miles, whichever one you hit first. There are a few other factors, such as what you drive, your regular driving conditions, and what kind of oil you use. Curious about what might happen if you don't change your oil? It will slowly break down, and it will become less and less effective. If you ignore it for too long, it will break down entirely; it will become a gross black sludge, and it will clog your engine instead of helping it! It is important to change your oil before that happens. Here at Crews Subaru of Charleston, we'll help you change your oil, so come visit us today.

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